From Ambassador (Presentation of Credentials)

The Office of the President Photo courtesy:The Office of the President
The Office of the President
The Office of the President
Yesterday, I presented my credentials to the President, H.E. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson. Meaning that I officially became an Ambassador of Japan to Iceland. Until yesterday I had been driving, as it were, with my learner’s license. I am feeling relieved now.
Since the beginning of the epidemic and until yesterday’s event, only the Ambassador was invited to the Residence of the President for such an occasion. However, with speedy vaccine distribution and substantial easing of restrictions on gatherings, the Embassy’s staff members and their families were also invited.
After the ceremony, the President and the first lady kindly introduced me to the other guests who were engaged in the Japanese-Icelandic relations.
Actually the President himself and the guests did not wear masks.
This is something I can hardly imagine in Japan, and honestly, I was a little bit nervous. However, I received assurances from the Icelandic Government that they are on the right track to control the epidemic.
I read news that workplace vaccination has been launched in Japan. As for Iceland, it is said that more than half the nation have already been vaccinated.
I am going to receive my first Pfizer vaccine today. Very thankful.